Teaching Innovations Lab

© ETH Zürich / Alessandro Della Bella
© ETH Zürich / Alessandro Della Bella

The MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab is a collaborative workspace dedicated to further developing the MTEC culture of learning by promoting teaching innovations at MTEC and beyond.

We collaborate with other ETH institutions in the field of teaching support, especially the Network of Educational Developers (Netzwerk der Lehrspezialisten) within ETH and the central unit for Educational Development and Technology (LET).

The TI Lab provides an additional workspace for guest researchers as well as space for coaching sessions and small workshops.

The location is both quiet and easily accessible. The space facilitates cooperation and collaboration by providing a central workbench for designing teaching innovations, including several whiteboards to sketch ideas, and a full range of moderation materials (flipcharts, stickers, etc.).

Coordination: Dr Erik Jentges, D-MTEC Educational Developer  

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